Shi Fu Natalja Altuchow 3. Platz Sonderwaffenform
4. Platz Partnerform Erw.
5. Platz Handpartnerform
Jiao Lian Thomas Achorner 1. Platz Vollkontakt bis 89 kg
4. Platz Sonderwaffenform
4. Platz Waffenpartnerform
Jiao Lian Lukas Maier 3. Platz Sonderwaffenform
4. Platz Waffenpartnerform
5. Platz Handform
Jiao Lian Thorsten Treffer 4. Platz Handform
5. Platz Handpartnerform
6. Platz Waffenform
Niklas Gerke 4. Platz Handform
6. Platz Waffenform
8. Platz Handpartnerform
Holger Teichmann 4. Platz Handform über 40 Jahre
4. Platz Waffenform über 40 Jahre
Daesup Rhee 2. Platz Pushing Hands
2. Platz Tai Chi Waffenform
4. Platz Tai Chi Handform


Marcus Vorbau
Florian Hauser


Shi Fu Alexander Czech
Shi Fu Natalja Altuchow
Shi Fu Tanja Hauser
Jiao Lian Michael Schad

Shi Fu Alexander Czech und Jiao Lian Michael Schad wurden dann noch vom Weltverband geehrt, da sie den kompletten Ablauf des Turniers koordinierten und Jiao Lian Michael Schad zusätzlich als bester Schiedsrichter im Vollkontakt!

The World Championship

Last year we qualified for the Kung Fu World Championship 2015 in Argentina.
From all countries, athletes have qualified to show their skills at the international competition.

In Addition to education, job and family, we work in our free time practicing martial arts.

And we want to represent our Nation in front of an international audience.

We are students of the Chinese Kuoshu Institutes.



Judged by an international jury of globally acknowledged experts
we compete in different disciplines. We'll show weapon- and handforms
in our Kung Fu style Tien Shan Pai and in the internal martial art Tai Chi.


People behind the scenes

Dr. Jana Walter

SC CKI Neu-Ulm, National Team Doctor

Shi Fu Alexander Czech

SC CKI Neu-Ulm, Chief Referee full contact and international trainer

Shi Fu Tanja Hauser

SC CKI Neu-Ulm, Chief Referee light contact women

Jiao Lian Michael Schad

SC CKI Neu-Ulm, Chief Referee light contact men

Marcus Vorbau

SC CKI Neu-Ulm, Nationalteam Coach

Florian Hauser

SC CKI Neu-Ulm, Nationalteam Coach


Going to the World Cup as an amatuer athlete

Our Team staff, including Team doctor and Team Coaches are all enthusiastic amateur athletes themselves. We finance our participation, travel and subsistence expenditure of private funds.

Our non-profit association has modest financial means. To assist us in a financial way, our association has already hosted several fundraising campaign and seeks diligently for sponsors. Our biggest event was the New Year's Gala for Chinese New Year 2015 with many shows. The Show is captured on video and is available for you.

To support the search of sponsors, we decided to try crowdfunding. It is a possibility of support a project by monetary contributions from a large number of people via internet. So people around the world can support large projects with small amounts. Great idea, isn't it?

With your financial support, you promot a World Cup team consisting of everyday people with a particular passion for Kung Fu. In Argentina we will face against the best from around the world and we will maintain old friendships and make new friends as considered representative of Germany.

We want to bring you closer to our sport by explaining you which subjects have to be mastered. And you can follow our journey to the World Cup and our participation firsthand.



What goes around comes around

In this crowdfunding you have the opportunity to support our athletes. At least we want to help the participants by paying the cost of travelling and accomodation. To cover these costs we appreciated our crowdfunding goal to 20.000 €. We are grateful for any small amount.

Examples of perks:

  • 5€: Pin with the Tien Shan Pai Eagle
  • 20€: T-Shirt from the CKI
  • 40€: Personal Training with Shi Fu Natalja Altuchow
  • 80€: World Cup T-Shirt signed by the team
  • 130€: World Cup T-Shirt with your Name
  • 1500€: Company logo on the Crowdfunding Website
The complete list is available on fairplaid.

Support us

Spread the word

We want to compete at the 5th World Cup Kuoshu in Argentina and represent Germany at the international competition. We train hard and are highly motivated to bring a title home. If you support us, you help to support a unique project.

Imagine how everyday people get the chance to compete at a World Cup with the best from around the world.
How will they make? What obstacles need to be overcome? How do they get their way in a foreign country on the other side of the pond? Join our team through their ups and downs on the way to Argentinina. An experience that will be unique.

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